Sprinklers in Every Hackney Tower Block

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Bishopsgate Development

NO to a Shoreditch "Bankers' Ghetto!"

The proposed Bishopsgate Goods Yard development must not be allowed to go ahead unless it is radically changed.

"I welcome the plans to build 1400 new homes in Shoreditch," says Hackney South PPC, Ben Mathis, "Hackney has a huge housing shortage. But under current plans, not a single one of the new properties built in Hackney will be for social or affordable rent."

Ben is opposed to this scheme if it will produce an unaffordable "Bankers' Ghetto" where only the super rich can afford to live.

"I want to see a vibrant, mixed community in Shoreditch - not a closed and exclusive development just for oligarchs and wealthy City types. That is what Hackney is all about and that is the sort of building our borough needs."

The development straddles the borough boundary. On the part of the site that is covered by Tower Hamlets, it is a different story.

"The developers seem to be offering to make a proportion of the homes they build in Tower Hamlets "affordable" - but over the line in Hackney: Nothing.

"This just goes to show how Hackney is a soft touch for developers who know they can get plans approved that will generate big profits without being made to provide any housing resource for the local community," says Ben. "It's time we stopped standing for the nonsense of property speculators who build high-rise luxury apartments on prime sites, sell them for huge profits but are not required to contribute anything in return."

Hackney's Labour administration must refuse permission for the Goods Yard development unless there are concrete plans for a decent amount of social and affordable housing on the site. We want a diverse and affordable Shoreditch - not a Bankers' Ghetto.

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