Dave Raval for Hackney South and Shoreditch

Dave Raval

Speaking ahead of his official campaign launch, Dave Raval, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Hackney South and Shoreditch says he relishes the chance to give the people of Hackney who voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the EU at last year’s referendum, the chance to show Labour how let down they feel by their non-existent opposition to Brexit.

Dave is passionately pro-European and when recalling last year’s EU Referendum where he was a volunteer coordinator for the Remain campaign in Hackney South he said,

“Labour are dominant in Hackney but they are not representing the wishes of their constituents who overwhelmingly voted to stay in an open, tolerant and united Britain within in the EU.

“When I was campaigning in Hackney during the remain campaign, I met so many wonderful people who were so passionate about the liberal values of Europe. The residents I speak to now feel so let down by Corbyn’s Labour and are ready to elect a party that will represent the views of this incredibly diverse borough. That can only be the Liberal Democrats.

Dave is a very experienced candidate and the last time he stood in the constituency he finished second and is very much looking forward to going one better this time against Corbyn’s Labour, saying of his opponents,

“Labour is led by Jeremy Corbyn who has always been anti-Europe and comments he has made about ‘seizing the opportunities for Britain outside the EU’ sound like something straight out of a Tory manifesto.

“This has only be further underlined by his party’s complete lack of opposition and voting with the Tories to trigger Article 50 without any of the amendments put forward by the Liberal Democrats on EU citizen’s right to stay or a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal.

“A vote for Corbyn’s Labour is a vote to allow Brexit through without any proper opposition, plain and simple.”

Dave is passionate about Hackney grass-roots politics and is very critical of Labour’s record on housing in the borough, saying,

“Labour have overseen the deterioration of housing in Hackney for decades and have waved through plan after plan to build luxury developments with less and less affordable housing that has seen whole communities broken up as people can no longer afford to live in the borough.

“As a campaigning MP I would fight to put residents and local communities back at the heart of the planning process so we can not only build homes but build strong communities.”

Outside of politics, Dave is the Chief Executive of LoftZone, a ‘greentech’ business selling an environmental home improvement product. Dave grew LoftZone from a good idea on a piece of paper into a profitable company that has created jobs for 30 people and with products that are sold all over the world.

When asked what message he wanted to send directly to the people of Hackney South and Shoreditch, Dave said,

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party in the UK that still stands for the open, tolerant and moderate views of most people in Britain.

“We have costed solutions to tackle poverty and inequality and climate change and we are firmly pro-European. If these are issues that matter to you, then it’s time to ditch Corbyn’s Labour and vote Liberal Democrat on June 8th.”

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