Demand a People’s Vote For Hackney


Following pressure from the Hackney Liberal Democrats the Mayor of Hackney has given an assurance that he will be bringing a motion to Hackney Council that officially backs a People’s Vote at the next full Council meeting on January 23rd.

Please help us demand a People’s Vote for Hackney by contacting your local Councillors and asking them to vote in favour of the motion.

You can Tweet your councillors here, if you are not sure what ward you live in you can use this map.

Alternatively you can use this link to email them. Tap in your post code, your local Councillors will be displayed at the top, click on ‘write to all of your councillors’ and let them know how important it is that they back this motion.

Some things you might wish to include-

  • Hackney voted 78.5% to remain in the EU and the overwhelming majority of people who live in the borough want an exit from Brexit.
  • Just like the rest of our Country, Brexit will badly damage Hackney’s economy as well as making the 41,500 EU citizens who make our great borough their home feel unwelcome.
  • The stalemate in Parliament shows that the only way out of the mess we find ourselves in is to have a People’s Vote with an option to remain.
  • With Both of Hackney’s MPs refusing to back a chance for the people to have the final say on Brexit, it is crucial that Hackney Council shows leadership and officially backs a People’s Vote like many other local authorities already have.

Then enter your details at the bottom of the page, you will be sent an email to confirm you wish to send your message, please do this or your email will not be sent. 

You can join our national campaign for an exit from Brexit here that now has over 200,000 members.

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