Campaign Launch: "Let Hackney Breathe," says Ben

Hackney South & Shoreditch candidate, Ben Mathis launched his campaign for parliament on Monday night and named action to tackle London air pollution as one of his five key projects if elected on May the 7th.

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Miliband Endorses Lib Dem Lynne Featherstone

"Mr Miliband applauded Mr Cameron’s successful push in the face of strong Tory opposition to legalise same-sex marriage and raise foreign aid spending to 0.7% of GDP but said he didn’t think they would “have a pint” together."


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Lib Dems working in government for a Greener Britain - right up to the last moment

£3.9m boost for greener, more accessible transport

A £3.9 million package to boost environmentally-friendly transport and improve accessibility for disabled people has been unveiled by Lib Dem Transport Minister Baroness Susan Kramer.




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“Hackney Rise”

How do you unseat an MP of 27 years with a 14,000 majority? You might do it with poetry. Simon de Deney, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, a Stoke Newington based actor and writer, is taking a new approach to political campaigning.

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Lib Dems launch manifesto priorities


Education, NHS funding and further tax cuts for low-paid workers are among five policy areas Liberal Democrats will focus on at the general election - and any subsequent negotiations in another hung parliament.

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"Save Our Markets" says Pauline


Liberal Democrat campaigner and "Hackney Heroine," Pauline Pearce has challenged town hall bosses over their neglect and degradation of Hackney's markets - particularly the historic but threatened Kingsland Waste Market.

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No Place for Anti-Semitism in Hackney, says Simon


Lib Dem campaigner, Simon de Deney has lodged a formal police complaint over plans by far-right activists to stage a protest against the "jewification" of Stamford Hill. "This is a clear attack on Jewish residents of Hackney and our community as a whole," says Simon

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Lib Dems propose Five Green Laws to make the Environment a Priority


Liberal Democrats will introduce five new laws to make Britain greener and protect the natural environment, says prospective Hackney South candidate, Ben Mathis. The measures include action to tackle air- and water pollution, targets for renewable energy and cutting CO2 emissions and boosting recycling and cutting waste.

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Labour MP backs Lib Dem calls to publish Iraq report before the Election


The Liberal Democrats were the only major political party to oppose Labour's Iraq War in 2003 and have been pushing ever since for the Iraq Inquiry to get to truth behind the invasion. Faced with yet more delays, Lib Dem members of the government have called for the publication of the Chilcot Report before the election. Now a Hackney Labour MP has added her voice to ours.

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Stephen Knight AM: Fire station redevelopment should be for social purposes


London Assembly Lib Dem, Stephen Knight has been praised for his stance against the Mayor's plans to sell-off the fire stations he has closed - despite public protest. Lib Dems say the sites should be redeveloped for the good of local communities.

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