Talking Rubbish: Council loses track of fly-tipping incidents for a whole year


Hackney Lib Dem’s accuse the Town Hall of not taking the problem of fly-tipping seriously as the council admit to losing track of the figures for a whole year.

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Going Through The Motions- Council Puts Corbyn Before Country


Last week, following pressure from the Hackney Liberal Democrats , Hackney Council finally debated and passed a Brexit motion at the full council meeting.

Good news right? Well not really.

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Meg Hillier urged to back Lib Dem People’s Vote amendment.

The Liberal Democrats have again urged Meg Hillier to back a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

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The Liberal Democrats call on local Labour MPs Meg Hillier and Diane Abbott to publicly back a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.

The Liberal Democrats have called on local Labour MPs Meg Hillier and Diane Abbott to publicly back a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.

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Hackney Lib Dems say planning permission for Britannia development puts all parks in London at risk

Hackney Liberal Democrat Vice Chair Darren Martin has contacted the Mayor of Hackney to express deep concern that planning permission waved through for the controversial Britannia Leisure Centre development will now put open park space at risk across all of Hackney and London parks.

Liberal Democrat London assembly member Caroline Pidgeon will also be asking the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan a question on the issue.

Justifications given to allow Hackney Council to build on the outdoor hardstanding ball courts in Shoreditch Park as part of the Britannia development classify the tennis courts and 5-a-side football pitches as previously developed land rather than open space.
The Council have also claimed to be making equivalent space available elsewhere to the 3421 sq ft being lost in the development.
CPRE London who campaign to protect open green space in London’s parks have challenged the justifications given by the council in their planning permission applications that were approved at London level last week.

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Pippa Morgan fights to save the 48 bus


Pippa Morgan, the Liberal Democrat by-election candidate for the Victoria ward in Hackney, has made fighting to save the 48 bus route from being cut a key priority if she is elected to Hackney Council.

The 48 bus route is set to be cut completely under plans set out by the Labour London Mayor Sadiq Khan along with changes to other bus routes in Hackney including the 242 and 149.

Pippa Morgan has launched a petition to save the 48 bus and says of the planned cuts,

”There has already been cuts to bus services in Hackney with routes like the 277 being changed. 1 in 4 people in Hackney rely on buses to travel to work and these cuts will lead to overcrowding, more difficult and longer journey times and more expensive commutes when residents already have it tough.

”Hackney Council needs a strong voice to stand up to the London Mayor and seeing as the council is run by Labour at the moment, they are just going to roll over and follow the party line in the end.

”The Liberal Democrats have been holding Sadiq Khan to account at London level on bus cuts, and I will continue to work with my colleagues to fight to save this vital bus route for the Victoria area and Hackney.”

You can vote for Pippa Morgan in the Victoria ward by-election on Thursday October 18th.

Lib Dems Welcome New London-Wide Violence Reduction Unit, But Say Hackney Still Has Opportunity to Show Real Leadership in Tackling Violence


Darren Martin, Vice Chair of the Hackney Liberal Democrats, has welcomed the Mayor of London adopting the Glasgow public health model that his party championed during the Local Elections in the Summer, but insists Hackney can use this as an opportunity to show real leadership in tackling violence.

Sadiq Khan announced last week that London will invest £500,000 in setting up a Violence Reduction Unit based on the success in Glasgow which halved murder rates in the city.
The Unit operates at arms length to police command and brings together researchers, social workers, education professionals, health professionals, police and former gang members that work to back-up targeted policing with mentoring and real support for victims as well individuals who are serious about turning their lives around.
The unit’s approach is based on treating violence primarily as a public health issue.


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Hackney Lib Dems Select Pippa Morgan For Victoria Ward By-Election


The Hackney Liberal Democrats have selected Pippa Morgan to stand in the upcoming Victoria Ward by-election.

She has lived in Hackney for six years and in the Victoria area for three and half.

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‘Hackney Heroine’ Delivers Impassioned Speech as Lib Dems Pass Motion on Justice for the Windrush Generation


Civil Rights campaigner Pauline Pearce, known as the ‘Hackney Heroine’ delivered a barnstorming speech at the Liberal Democrat conference on Saturday as the party passed a motion demanding justice for the Windrush Generation.

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People of Hackney Have Their Say on the Lib Dem’s Brexitometer


The Liberal Democrats have continued their Exit from Brexit campaign, taking their ‘Brexitometer’ to the people of Hackney.
The Hackney Lib Dems have been out across Hackney including Stoke Newington Farmers Market, Broadway Market, Chatsworth Road and Victoria Park and the response from residents has been very clear, they want a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal with the option to remain in the EU.
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