Lib Dems call on Hackney council to carry out full safety checks on all Hackney tower blocks

Following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in West London, the Hackney Liberal Democrats have released a statement pledging to work with Hackney council in ensuring that all similar buildings in the borough are safe for residents and are asking the council carry out immediate safety checks.

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Liberal Democrats Increase Vote Share in Both Hackney Seats


The Hackney Liberal Democrats were the only main party to increase vote share in both Hackney seats with substantial vote gains on the previous 2015 result.

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Brexit inflation puts £20 on cost of average weekly shopping bill.


A sharp rise in prices at the supermarkets has put an extra £21.31 on the cost of an average weekly shop. The sharp slide in the pound since the Brexit vote last June has increased the cost of imported goods, and grocers have been passing on the rises to customers.

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Single Tenants in Hackney Feeling the Squeeze as Brexit Bites.


A recent analysis by found that single tenants in Hackney sacrificed more than 81% of their monthly salary on rent.

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First fall in real wages since 2014 will get worse as Labour back Theresa May’s hard Brexit.


Real wages fell by 0.2% in the three months to March 2017, the first decrease in real regular pay since September 2014, figures published by the Office for National Statistcs have revealed.


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Hackney Liberal Democrats resume local campaigning.

Hackney Lib Dems have resumed local campaigning (Thursday 25th May) with due sensitivity after General Election campaigns were suspended nationally by all political parties following the horrific attack in Manchester.

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Lib Dems suspend campaigning following tragic events in Manchester

Following the horrific attack in Manchester, the Liberal Democrats have announced that they will suspend all campaigning on Tuesday 23rd May as a mark of respect to those who lost their lives and their grieving families. The party's thoughts go out to all those affected by the terrible events of Monday night.

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Lib Dems campaign to scrap dementia tax which would hit 96% of homes in Hackney.


96% of homes in Hackney could be eligible for sale to meet Theresa May’s so-called 'dementia tax', research by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.


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Lib Dems launch manifesto with policies to give young people a brighter future.


The Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto for a brighter future.

Change Britain’s Future is a plan for a fairer Britain where people are decent to each other, with good schools and hospitals, a clean environment and an innovative economy.

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Lib Dems announce plans to address housing shortage in Hackney.


The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to address the housing shortage in Hackney and build more affordable homes.


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