Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Claridge's breastfeeding incident gives us another opportunity to see what kind of backward Britain UKIP stands for.

There aren't many days I don't ask myself, "What the heck is wrong with Nigel Farage." Nigel is just the gift that keeps on giving - his views on women, gays, immigration, Europe and virtually any topic would be funny if he didn't lead a party that is currently having such a big influence on our country.

Today it was breastfeeding that allowed Mr Farage to show just how backward UKIP wants Britain to be. He came out in support of Claridge's hotel when they insisted that a woman cover herself up with a large shawl while breastfeeding her child - suggesting that she could "sit in the corner" and not be "ostentatious."

Give me strength.

We're talking about literally the most natural thing in the world. There are some things which are genuinely offensive or could reasonably be classed as only appropriate in private - but breastfeeding? Let's get a little perspective. It's not like she was flashing her breasts for the general public to ogle - we leave that to the pages of national newspapers.

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