Sprinklers in Every Hackney Tower Block

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Pauline Pearce: A Fresh Start for Hackney



"Hackney Heroine," Pauline Pearce is your Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Hackney in the local elections on May 3rd 2018.

Pauline, a former jazz singer and mother-of-four, is a passionate campaigner against disability- and age discrimination; and for social housing, health, London youth crime prevention and education.

You can help Pauline's campaign by donating [HERE] - the more money we raise, the more people can find out about Pauline.

After decades of rule by one party and a council who don't seem to care about the local community, Pauline is working to deliver a Fresh Start for Hackney.

With your help, Pauline and her Lib Dem team can make Hackney a borough that works for everyone.

Sprinklers in every tower block

The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower fire must be a wake-up call to improve the standard of tower blocks in Hackney and make them safe.
Experts including London Fire Brigade agree that sprinkler systems save lives.

Pauline believes that Hackney Council has a moral obligation to make their buildings as safe as possible and so they must fit sprinkler systems to all tower blocks in the borough.
It is already law that all new tower blocks must have sprinklers fitted, Pauline believes that residents living in older buildings deserve the same level of safety.

Tackling the root causes of violent crime

There are too many opportunities for people to fall through the cracks, we need a joined up approach. The moment a young person picks up a knife and decides to carry it on the streets they have been failed by the system. Schools, families, social services and the police all have a role in stopping young people getting involved with knife crime.

As mayor, Pauline would create a Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) that would put key decision makers across local government, police, education, health, social and youth services together with local charities and community leaders, working with a clear strategy to identify and focus on the most vulnerable people in Hackney.
Community policing is important, but taking the public health approach to violent crime and focusing resources on prevention rather than just tough policing, will allow us to work with the community to focus on areas we know lead to high rates of violent crime.
It is also crucial that people have access to community services, so Pauline would open many more youth clubs and community centres across Hackney.

Homes for Hackney

Hackney has thousands of people on waiting lists for a home, many spending long periods in hostels or B&Bs. The Government needs to put more money in but we cannot wait around until that happens.

Pauline would set up a Council owned contractor that could borrow the money to build the homes Hackney desperately needs. We would use this money to build proper Council homes and not just ‘affordable’ ones that are often anything but.

As your Mayor Pauline will continue to work to raise standards for all in Hackney, close the inequality gap and ensure that council services can be accessed by underrepresented groups.