Sprinklers in Every Hackney Tower Block

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Make Dalston Kingsland Step-free


Dalston Kingsland is the second-busiest Overground station in London, serving a diverse high street and the busy Ridley Road Market. Yet despite an upcoming multi-million pound expansion plan, TfL and Network Rail are still not providing lifts or level platforms to make the station accessible for wheelchairs and other mobility-impaired users.

Lib Dem London Assembly candidate, Pauline Pearce - aka The Hackney Heroine - is calling on transport bosses to amend their plans and install lifts at Dalston Kingsland.

"This is Hackney's busiest railway station and Dalston has been designated as the borough's main town centre," says Pauline. "It ought to be accessible to everyone."


"All day, every day people stream through Dalston Kingsland on their way to work, to the market, to the shopping centre and beyond - which is why TfL and Network Rail are working on expanding it - but what about those of us who have difficulty using stairs? The elderly or disabled? Mums and dads pushing buggies? People carrying luggage or heavy shopping?

"I want Dalston to be a community we can be proud of where everyone is included - and that includes having a fully-accessible station that everyone can use - Let's make our station step-free!"

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