All Five Tower Blocks on the De Beauvoir Estate Found to Have Faulty Emergency Lighting Systems


Recent fire risk assessments carried out for Hackney Council has revealed that all five tower blocks on Hackney's De Beauvoir Estate have faulty emergency lighting systems and appear to have the same fault leading to questions around which contractor carried out the installation.

The risk assessments for all five tower blocks also found no evidence of regular emergency lighting tests being carried out, leaving residents angry that faulty systems in Lancrease Court, Rozel Court, Corbierre House, Portelet House and Granville Court were not identified sooner.

All five risk assessments sited that the emergency lighting systems appear to be faulty with many LED lights not working.

Emergency lighting is key to a safe evacuation in the event of a fire and so this news has rightly shocked and angered residents.


Darren Martin, De Beauvoir Resident and Hackney Liberal Democrat Spokesperson said:


"Just as snapshot of five tower blocks in one estate in Hackney, these risk assessments show why so many residents have been rightly concerned for their safety.


"Emergency lighting would be crucial in getting people down those stairwells in the event of a fire evacuation, and the fact that all five tower blocks have faulty systems, and the risk assessors were unable to find any evidence that the proper legal periodic checks have been taking place, mean the council have some serious questions to answer.


"We want to know who installed these systems, as the fact all five blocks seem to have the same fault calls into question the quality of the work carried out.


"We also want to know when the last emergency lighting check was carried out and was the fault identified then and what action was taken.


"The fact that five tower blocks on the same estate have life-saving safety systems not working four months on from the tragic Grenfell fire show that Hackney Council are not doing nearly enough to ensure the safety of residents."

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