Hackney Lib Dems set up virtual phonebank for members to call residents potentially impacted by Coronavirus

The Hackney Lib Dems have set up a virtual phonebank for their members to call residents potentially impacted by the Coronavirus in the borough.

The phonebank launched over the weekend, and Les Kelly the Chair of the local Party urged members to get involved in an email saying,

"As an active local party, we have many members across the borough as well as resources and expertise at our disposal to reach out to people.

"Now is not the time for campaigning, but we want to use that expertise, those resources, and the energy and dedication of our members to help wherever we can.

"We will now be calling residents who are potentially impacted by the Coronavirus across Hackney to check they are okay and make sure they know where they can find help if they need it."


Lib Dem members making calls to residents



Vice Chair of the Hackney Lib Dems, Darren Martin, added,

"The Council have done a great job setting up the volunteer hub along with a web portal and dedicated number for residents to ask for support if they need it.

"We have lots of experience reaching out to communities and our members really want to help, so using our campaigning data we can reach out to residents who could potentially be in the vulnerable categories. We can do that from the safety of our own homes using our virtual phonebank.

"We'll be ringing to have a chat, check they are okay, and point them in the direction of the council dedicated help resources should they need them.

"We also have lots of social media expertise and have already started running ads in Hackney at the same groups with details of the Hackney Council portal and number where they can ask for help.

"We will continue to support the community during this difficult time and offer our continued support to the Mayor of Hackney and Hackney Council."







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