Campaign Launch: "Let Hackney Breathe," says Ben

Hackney South & Shoreditch candidate, Ben Mathis launched his campaign for parliament on Monday night and named action to tackle London air pollution as one of his five key projects if elected on May the 7th.

"London's Toxic air has been a problem for years," said Ben at the Kingsland Road launch. "It causes asthma and respiratory problems for countless Londoners and is responsible for thousands of cases of heart disease, lung cancer and premature deaths."

Ben branded the action seen so far from both Labour and the Conservative mayor as "Inadequate and deeply disappointing."


"Neither party that has run London since the Mayor was introduced has really grasped the seriousness of air pollution," said Ben Mathis, Liberal Democrat candidate for Hackney South.

"Any action we have seen has been aimed at avoiding getting taken to court, not solving the problem, hence the spectacle of roads being sprayed with chemicals to try and "glue" pollutants to the tarmac close to air monitors - or monitors being removed altogether. We need urgent measures from City Hall to actually clean up the air we in Hackney are breathing."

You can find out more about Ben's campaign for clean air and sign the petition HERE and a summary of Ben's five campaigning priorities appeared on page 17 of the March 26th issue of the Hackney Gazette.

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