Conservatives U-turn on school funding – Lib Dem response.

The Hackney Liberal Democrats have responded to reports that the Conservatives are to bow to massive backbench pressure and abandon their proposed shake-up of school funding.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Hackney North  and Stoke Newington, Joe Richards said:
“Finally, the Conservatives have been forced to re-think their deeply flawed funding formula, which would see savage cuts to schools in most areas of the country. Their proposals were utterly cynical, taking from some areas to give to others, rather than committing to give all schools the additional funding they need, but we need to go much further and properly invest in our education system which is struggling under Tory cuts.

“The Hackney Liberal Democrats highlighted the massive cuts that Hackney schools faced back in March.  Schools in Hackney faced an enormous £23,329,088 budget cut by 2019, the equivalent of £824 per pupil and 626 teachers, due to the pressures of a 12% real term cut, estimated by the National Audit Office, and the estimated budget cuts due to the proposed funding formula.

“The fact that the Government is able to find money to pay for vanity projects like more ‘Free Schools’ and Grammar schools when we are already seeing schools cutting down hours, reducing staff numbers and unable to carry out basic repairs, because of the impossible funding pressures they’re under, shows that the cuts amount to an ideological attack on the State School system. This was a plan for forced academisation through the back door with schools pushed to breaking point and having no choice but to find private investment.
“We want to congratulate teachers and parents in Hackney that have campaigned and forced the Government into yet another screeching handbrake turn on policy and say we will stand with you to get proper funding in all schools.

“The Liberal Democrats would invest the money needed to ensure that the education system has the resources it needs to provide a first-class education to every pupil no matter what part of the country they live in just as we did when we were in government.”


Published, printed and promoted by Darren Martin for the Hackney Liberal Democrats at 74 Amhurst Road, London E8 1JN

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