A Council That Listens

A Council That Listens-

Hackney Council's current consultation process is not fit for purpose and Mayor Glanville's approach to engaging residents has led to the debate on key community issues becoming toxic. Residents feel that the Council has already made up their mind before the consultations have even begun, leading to the community feeling alienated when it is vital that everyone can feel part of making the big decisions in our borough. It's time power is put back in the hands of residents and that we have consultations that people can trust.


Helen's Lib Dems will:

  • Overhaul the consultation process and introduce an independent professional research model that will evaluate the views of the whole community and not just rely on who shouts the loudest.
  • Ensure data being used in decision-making is accurate and being presented to residents in an open & transparent way.
  • Empower local community groups to make decisions for their communities.


Helen said:

"As Mayor I would completely overhaul the consultation process, moving to an independent professional research model that would actively seek out and evaluate opinions of the whole community, rather than just relying on who shouts the loudest. Transparency is absolutely key to engaging residents and building trust on the key issues facing our borough.

It is also very important that data shared by the Council can be trusted, and we have seen plenty of examples recently where that hasn't been the case. I would make absolutely sure that all data used to make key decisions is accurate and accessible for all residents to scrutinise.

I would also be very demanding of Councillors to lead and facilitate community discussions and put real decision-making power back in the hands of local people who know what is best for their local areas. That's why it is really important for residents to elect Liberal Democrat Councillors who have always believed in this type of community engagement."

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