Dalston Speaks – Dalston Quarter Development Sites

The Dalston quarter development site includes 4 sites that are owned by the Hackney council.  Community lead discussions were recently held at Adida Antigha Centre on the Ridley Road markets, Eastern Curve Garden and the future of these Dalston sites.

Yes, these are sites of regeneration but how do we best create a model that has long term benefits for the community, environment and is economically viable?  I was impressed by the idea of a Community Development Trust

The elected board with representatives from local residents, community reps and stakeholders with expertise in development/economic activities are legally responsible and they implement policy.  The board setup would have a cohesive community vision with societal, environmental and economic well-being objectives.

Forming a Community Development Trust would be a complex task but the creation of the forum Dalston Speaks, engaging the public and igniting a vision for Dalston’s future is a key start!  Join the conversation at @DalsonSpeaks

Dalston Quarter Development Sites

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