Dave Raval Calls for Transparency on Fire Safety in Letter to the Mayor of Hackney

Dave Raval has written to the Mayor of Hackney to give his personal full support in reassuring residents following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.

Read the letter in full:

Dear Mayor Glanville,

Following the tragic fire in the Grenfell Tower in West London, I again wish to reiterate that you and Hackney Council have the full support of the Liberal Democrats in reassuring residents and making sure we are doing everything possible to address any safety concerns in the borough.

Fire Chiefs who were dealing with the Grenfell Tower blaze have described it as unprecedented, and it is important that we express to residents that fires like this are extremely rare and safety measures are in place in similar buildings in Hackney.
It is absolutely right that we reassure residents further and that we introduce steps to check that every possible measure to ensure fire safety in high-rise blocks in Hackney is functioning correctly and we welcome your announcement that these checks will be taking place.

This is not a time for party-political point scoring and we do not intend to do so. We in the Hackney Lib Dems are however getting correspondence from concerned locals and, as an opposition party in the Council, it’s our role to ensure that we hold to account the ruling party to make sure everything is done properly and with full transparency, to ensure residents can rightly scrutinise the action being taken.

We therefore call on you to communicate, as soon as possible, the following regarding the safety checks you have announced:

• A full list of which buildings are being checked
• Who will be carrying out those checks
• Exactly what checks will be completed and when they will be completed
• Full details from those checks must be made public, so residents can scrutinise the current state of fire safety in their own buildings
• A timetable be communicated to all residents detailing when any remedial works, if required to rectify any concerns, will take place and when they will be completed by.

I would also like to express my concern on reports that only two high-rise buildings have been fitted with sprinkler systems despite the 2013 coroner’s report into the Lakanal House fire advising that all high-rise blocks be retrofitted with sprinklers. You have communicated to local press that this decision was based on fire risk assessments.
I recognise the practical implications of retrofitting these systems but again request that you make these risk assessments and any information used in the decision-making process public. Residents have the right to all the information in order to be able to scrutinise the decision to not fit all high-rise blocks in the borough with sprinkler systems.

My final request is that Hackney Council tell the public whether any buildings in Hackney have had cladding fitted using the same material that seems to have obviously contributed to the spread of the Grenfell Tower fire. It is crucial we identify whether any building has this type of cladding and steps are taken to ensure residents are safe.
Again I would like to express my personal full support and that of the Hackney Liberal Democrats on working together to ensure all residents are safe and reassured.

Yours Sincerely,
Dave Raval
Hackney Liberal Democrats

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