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On May 6 Londoners will be voting to decide who will represent them as Mayor of London and on the Greater London Assembly.

Our Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor Luisa Poirritt has a plan to take London forward.

Help us elect Luisa as the next Mayor of London along with as many Liberal Democrat Assembly members as possible with a donation to our fighting fund, and let's take London forward together!!

There are also 4 important Hackney Council by-elections being decided on the same day and it is crucial we elect 4 strong Liberal Democrat Councillors to hold the complacent Labour administration to account.

Donate today!!


Note: Any constituent can represent their views to Hackney Liberal Democrats without donating.

Please note that donations to UK political parties are not tax deductible.

Donate £250

£250 lets us design and print leaflets to be delivered to our target wards

Donate £10

£10 will pay for campaign leaflets to three streets near you to help get our message out

Donate £20

£20 buys our target wards 50 campaign posters to show everyone the campaign is on a roll

Donate £50

£50 helps to pay for targeted direct mail to people likely to vote Liberal Democrat

Donate £100

£100 helps us pay for targeted social media ads communicating our message to residents across Hackney

Donate £500

£500 will cover the cost of nominating and supporting our candidates to get elected

Who's donating: from London, United Kingdom donated. Thank you!