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On May 5th Hackney residents will be voting to decide who will represent them as the Mayor of Hackney and who their local ward Councillors will be for their communities.

The Liberal Democrats will be putting forward a strong plan for the borough with real solutions for our environment; for genuinely affordable homes; for tackling violent crime; and for transparent and open consultations on the big questions facing our communities.

Without opposition there is no democracy, but we need your help to get a strong Liberal Democrat team elected to Hackney Council to hold this complacent Labour administration to account.

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Pic: Darren Martin, Ian Sharer, Javed Isrolia standing in Cazenove Ward

Note: Any constituent can represent their views to Hackney Liberal Democrats without donating.

Please note that donations to UK political parties are not tax deductible.

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£250 lets us design and print leaflets to be delivered to our target wards

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£10 will pay for campaign leaflets to three streets near you to help get our message out

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£20 buys our target wards 50 campaign posters to show everyone the campaign is on a roll

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£50 helps to pay for targeted direct mail to people likely to vote Liberal Democrat

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£100 helps us pay for targeted social media ads communicating our message to residents across Hackney

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£500 will cover the cost of nominating and supporting our candidates to get elected

Who's donating: from Croydon, United Kingdom donated. Thank you!