Elizabeth Prochaska For King's Park

Elizabeth is a barrister and human rights campaigner who has lived in Hackney for 12 years. She ran the legal team at the Equality and Human Rights Commission and set up her own human rights charity.

Elizabeth's Top Priorities....

We need to make sure that the whole community is involved in making our borough cleaner and greener for everyone. That means involving all residents in discussions on green policy-making like Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, school streets, and improving the borough's poor recycling rates.

Hackney Council have allowed big property developers to shape our borough instead of the residents that live in our communities. The Council have built fewer and fewer genuinely affordable homes as luxury unaffordable properties have sprung up everywhere. The Liberal Democrats will build real Council homes for Hackney residents.

The Liberal Democrats believe that as much decision-making power as possible should be put in the hands of residents who know what is best for their communities. We will empower resident groups in planning and real policy-making to ensure communities can shape their neighbourhoods.

The pandemic has meant children have had to spend so much important time at home instead of in school. It is so important that we do everything possible at community level to ensure children can catch up and that no child gets left behind. That means investment in SEND funding, youth clubs and community resources, and access to home learning technology resources.


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