Envelope Stuffing Parties: Productive While Having Fun!

#TeamHackney in another envelope stuffing party last night featuring our London mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita and our very own campaigns extraordinaire (and GLA list / candidate for North East) Ben Mathis - this time we are getting our newest surveys ready for our residents... across the borough! (that's thousands of them!)

Pizza (some stuffing parties you get Myles' famous jambalaya!), drinks, gossip, banter, chin wag all (essential) part of the package! Now we just need to get them delivered (in the sunshine!) to the hands of our neighbours - let's get cracking!


Because we need to spend every penny on literature and campaigning, most of the leaflets and literature voters received are hand stuffed and hand delivered by our enthusiastic activists. As we are gearing up for next year's crucial London mayoral and GLA elections, there will be no doubt these parties will happen rather frequently.

So why don't you come to our next stuffing party? It's a great, lighthearted and easy way to get yourself involved! We are looking forward to welcome you!

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