Fighting Brexit

Leaving the EU will be disastrous for Britain.

Our economy benefits from the Single Market and Customs Union which make trade easier and goods cheaper.

Our people benefit from the right to live, work and study throughout Europe, co-operation on policing, medicines, energy, consumer rights and the environment.

And we have all benefited from 70 years of peace and the expansion of human rights.

But Brexit doesn't only mean Brexit.

Brexit represents more than just a rejection of a set of institutions. It’s about two competing visions of the world.

We can see it everywhere, whether you think of it as Liberalism vs Populism or Open society vs Closed society - and Leave vs Remain, in many ways, is how that trend has shown up here. In Hungary they have Orban, in America they have Trump. We have Brexit.

It shows up in the really nasty rhetoric we hear about immigrants or transgender people.

It shows up in the growing threads of antisemitism and islamophobia in mainstream politics.

It shows up in the really disgusting abuse many women and people of colour in public life have been receiving.

Many people increasingly just don't know where either of the two old parties stand on the new divide - both Johnson and Corbyn have shown a tendency to adopt these Trumpian or Chavez-esque populist postures and that makes me really uncomfortable.

By contrast they know where the Liberal Democrats stand and it’s firmly on the side of an open, pluralist and internationalist Britain looking outward and finding our strength in cooperating with our partners in Europe and around the world.

That's why we must win the battle and Stop Brexit.

Not just because being in the EU is good for us, but to take back our country from the bigots and populists.

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