Giving Chelmsford A Hand In Local Elections









Team Hackney went on a road trip this Saturday to Chelmsford! 

Outside of London, teams have been working around the clock to ensure we do well in the local elections. Local parties across North East London therefore all teamed up and decided to give Chelmsford a hand, as they are hopeful to take control of the council on May 2nd. Lib Dem family often help each other out at the time of need - and this time it's no exception given the enthusiastic response.

As polling day approaches, there are often a lot of leaflets and letters to be delivered to voters. HLD were very happy to assist on that - and we got to see sights that are not often spotted in London! Take this for example.


ACTUAL horses on way to leafleting: Definitely not a usual sight in Hackney!


Of course we could not resist a selfie in action (that's what campaigners do! If there isn't a photo it doesn't exist... right?):

We discovered delivering 20 houses outside of London takes just that little - a lot - longer than when you're in a block of flats back home!


But it's not just about delivery and canvassing: there was a lot of clerical work to be done. For example, each letter that we post is stuffed by volunteers, by hand! What better way to take a rest after long walks (another thing we discovered: delivering to 20 houses outside of London takes longer than in the flats / estates of Hackney!) than stuffing and labelling some envelopes to be delivered? 



But the most lovely aspect, is meeting and catching up with the #LibDemFamily you don't often get to see. Mary Regnier-Wilson, one of the organisers who masterminded the legendary South Cambridge victory last year (where we took control of the council), for example, is here in Chelmsford hoping to repeat the same success story.


Local activist Ruby, with Mark Pack (board member and editor of Lib Dem Newswire) and Mary

All in all, we had a fun and productive day helping the team out: we will be back for polling day to "Get Out The Vote", and best of luck to Team Chelmsford!


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