A Greener Borough For Everyone

A Greener Borough for Everyone

It is vital we take responsibility to do all we can to tackle the climate emergency. In Hackney it is important we use the power of the Council to protect our green spaces; invest in and improve cycling and walking infrastructure; introduce and make it easier to use cleaner modes of transport; and work together to reduce the number of extra miles being driven through our neighbourhoods. Hackney Council's unreliable consultations and traffic/air pollution data has made some residents cynical about green action at a time when we all need to come together. This needs to change quickly.

Helen's Lib Dems will:

  • Divest from fossil fuel companies.
  • Take action to protect and improve green spaces as places for people and nature.
  • Ensure Low Traffic Neighbourhoods work for the whole community with accurate data shared with residents and a consultation process that engages everyone.
  • Invest in improving cycling & walking infrastructure including roadway design standards to allow all-ability cycling.
  • Work with other local authorities, TfL, and City Hall to improve public transport and ensure that there is a joined-up approach to environmental action.


Helen said:

"The environmental debate in Hackney has become narrow and toxic due to Hackney Council's approach to the consultation and implementation of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. Residents want to do all they can to help improve the environment but are being pushed away by some on both sides of the debate, which ultimately puts at risk the progress we need to make on the key environmental issues we all face.

I believe Low Traffic Neighbourhoods do work in reducing the number of extra miles being driven through our neighbourhoods,  but residents need to trust that they will be listened to in the consultations and that the data being presented to them is accurate.

As Mayor I will put in place traffic & air pollution monitoring on all existing LTNs and I will make changes should they be needed as it is crucial they work for the whole community. I will also not introduce any new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods without full open & transparent consultations that all residents can trust.

It may be unpopular for some, but I am not going to be signing pledges of support on either side of the debate. I believe residents want a Mayor that will work to bring people together on the key environmental challenges we face, and ultimately we stand a much better chance of real progress if we look for common ground and move forward as one community.

It's also important we remember that it is not all about cars. As Mayor I will invest in improving cycling infrastructure and make it easier to walk in our neighbourhoods. I will also look to work with other local authorities on a joined-up plan and be very challenging of TfL and City Hall on public transport and our road networks."

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