Hackney Lib Dems Select Pippa Morgan For Victoria Ward By-Election


The Hackney Liberal Democrats have selected Pippa Morgan to stand in the upcoming Victoria Ward by-election.

She has lived in Hackney for six years and in the Victoria area for three and half.

Pippa runs the public affairs arm of a major UK manufacturing company, helping grow their UK research & development.
Prior to this she was Head of Education and Skills at the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) advising companies on how to meet skills gaps and engage with schools, to provide opportunities for young people.

Pippa was formerly a parliamentary researcher to Vince Cable MP and London MP, Paul Burstow. She holds a history degree from Cambridge University, having grown up in South Manchester, and is a keen cyclist, commuting every day and racing.

Pippa is a proud pro-European who has campaigned tirelessly for a People’s vote on the final Brexit deal.

On why she is standing in the upcoming by-election, Pippa said:

Victoria has been my home for three and a half years, Hackney for six. It’s an area I love. That’s why I’d like to fight to represent my ward because Labour take it for granted, just like Hackney as whole.

The Labour councillors are essentially invisible in Victoria and residents are rightly demanding better from the people who are supposed to represent them.

Currently Hackney Council is made up of just Labour and Tories, two illiberal Brexit supporting parties.
The Lib Dems have fought Brexit from the start and residents deserve liberal, pro-European representation on their council as the challenges of Brexit begin to bite Hackney.”

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