Leadership Hustings in Islington

(Disclaimer: The author is a team member with Ed Davey for this leadership campaign) 

Our current leader, Vince Cable, has decided to step down imminently after the European elections and the race of becoming the next leader of Liberal Democrats has officially begun! We are blessed with two excellent candidates: Ed Davey, former energy minister and Jo Swinson, current deputy leader.

One of the pleasures of being a Liberal Democrat is the civilised debates- from members about policy amongst AOs (note: an "associated organisation", or an AO, is a pressure group that share a particular belief, interest, or cause) such as ones between Liberal Reform and Social Liberal Forum, or campaign strategy - to selecting who is the next leader - that take place between the #LibDemFamily. Despite fierce competition, we maintain a principle as Liberals: fierce in debate, civilised in attitude, friendly as we all head to the pub together afterwards.


The room was jam packed! (Photo credit: Mark Pack)

And with such spirit, the first leadership hustings went on full swing last Friday evening to a room packed with more than 500 London members, all eager to know how our potential leaders will guide us #BackInTheGame.


Lots of media interest before the hustings - due to the #LibDemSurge from formidable local and Euro election results!


Some of the topics touched include working with other parties, their views on party diversity, tackling climate emergency, foreign policy, and more. Besides nuances on tactics, both candidates visions have been based on liberal values and traditions.


As part of my tasks for Ed's campaign, I also encouraged members to sign nomination forms, and answer questions from fellow #LibDemFamily that arise about candidates on the day. Both sides are received with very positive responses, and I am proud that this party has produced two fantastic candidates (and their teams) acting with the utmost dignity and statesmanship.


A selfie with a young and dynamic "Team Ed" campaigners - but trust me, team Jo are equally enthusiastic and can honestly say we all had a great time in the pub after!


Best of luck to both candidates, and whoever wins, this healthy competition is the party's (and ultimately the country's) gain. I'm sure myself and the rest of the Lib Dem family look forward to hear more from Ed and Jo.


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