Lib Dems call on Hackney Council to scrap bulky waste charge saying it will lead to a surge in illegal dumping

Lib Dems have responded to resident's warnings that new Council charges for bulky waste will cause fly-tipping to skyrocket across Hackney.
Since September, disposing of unwanted furniture or other large items costs a minimum of £15, with some collections charged as much as £60.
National figures for last year revealed that there has been a fly-tipping epidemic across the UK as local authorities implement similar bulky waste charges, with recorded incidents reaching 1m for the first time since 2008.


Darren Martin/Becket McGrath say scrap the charge.


Lib Dem Vice Chair Darren Martin commented:

"Hackney actually reported a sharp reduction in fly-tipping incidents between 2016 and 2017 which very much goes against the National trend.
This is no doubt in part due to the fact that Hackney did not charge for bulky waste removal until September as other boroughs that charge for bulky collections see much higher rates of fly-tipping.
The Council is looking at a quick way to save money but are being very short-sighted.
Even with the reduction in our borough last year, the Council still spent £146k on over 5000 actions against fly-tippers spanning from warning letters to prosecution actions and only recouped £30k in fines.
With people looking to avoid the new charge, those charges will sky-rocket and end up costing us more than the Council is looking to save."


Dumped: Bulky waste on De Beauvoir Estate

Lib Dem Council candidate for De Beauvoir Becket McGrath said:

"Apart from the cost element, there are environmental and social impacts of having bulky rubbish dumped everywhere.
In De Beauvoir, it often ends up dumped on the estates and even inside the tower blocks on balconies.
Not to mention that this adds to the likelihood of more anti-social behaviour, it just isn't safe.
The Council needs to rethink."

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