Lib Dems launch manifesto priorities


Education, NHS funding and further tax cuts for low-paid workers are among five policy areas Liberal Democrats will focus on at the general election - and any subsequent negotiations in another hung parliament.

The other key elements of the platform, which features on the front page of the party's manifesto - launched today - are balancing the budget and five new "green laws" to protect and repair the natural environment.

"These aren't the only things we will be campaigning on," says Hackney South and Shoreditch PPC, Ben Mathis. "What this does show is our priorities for the coming parliament, concentrating on doing what only the Liberal Democrats can do - build a Stronger Economy and a Fairer Society, delivering Opportunity for All."

Here is a full run-down of the five key proposals. 

Prosperity for all 

Creating a stronger economy is about more than just clearing the deficit that's why we will balance the budget fairly and invest in building a high skill low carbon economy. To build a strong, green, innovative economy we need to invest in upgrading our national infrastructure and producing the clean renewable energy that will power our future prosperity.

Fair taxes 

Creating a fairer society by cutting income tax by an additional £400 by raising the tax-free allowance to £12,500.

Quality healthcare for all

Creating a fairer society by properly funding our world class public services by investing in them as the economy grows. This means making sure the NHS has the extra £8bn a year it needs by 2020. Ending the stigma around mental health and putting it on equal footing with physical is vital to building a fairer society.

Opportunity for every child

Protecting the education budget from cradle to college, so that every child and young person has the opportunity to fulfill their potential, from nursery school to higher education. Giving children the best start in life by making sure there is a qualified teacher in every class.

Our environment protected

Protecting the environment so that future generations are not left paying for the mistakes of the generations before them. Fighting climate change with five Green Laws.

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