Lib Dems quadruple vote in Hackney and help elect 3 new London MEPs


The Liberal Democrats are celebrating today after an extremely strong showing in the European elections.
Irina Von Wiese, Dinesh Dhamija and Luisa Porritt have been elected as London’s new Liberal Democrat MEPs where the party beat Labour overall, topping the poll in the capital.

Darren Martin Press & Social Media Director for the Hackney Lib Dems said:

“It was an amazing election for the Liberal Democrats, we more than quadrupled our vote in Hackney from 2014 with just under 16000 voters putting their faith in us and helping to elect 3 new Liberal MEPs for London, where we beat Labour overall for the first time in a London-wide election.

“Our very clear stop Brexit message really cut through and it’s clear that the overwhelming majority of people in Hackney who want to stay in the EU have had enough of Labour enabling a Tory Brexit.

”The remain parties who back a people’s vote, us, the Greens and Change UK got over 35,000 votes in Hackney- way more than Labour who have consistently backed the Conservatives on Brexit.

”The future for the remain cause has to be for the remain parties to work closely together to stop Brexit and protect progressive values. I hope we can do that both locally and nationally.”

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