Lib Dems say Abbott's 'car crash' interview reveals how clueless Labour are on reducing crime

Diane Abbott's ‘car crash interview’, where she struggled to answer very basic questions about a flagship Labour policy to pay for 10,000 more police officers, exposes a very serious point on how clueless Labour are on the very serious issue of reducing crime.

This comes as figures released recently have shown there was a sharp rise in serious and violent crime in 2016, including a 14% increase in knife crime.

Police forces have seen their budgets cut by £2.2 billion in real terms in recent years, according to the National Audit Office, and Theresa May has told police they will have to make more spending cuts in the years ahead.

Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary and former Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the Metropolitan Police, commented: 

"Recorded crime has been on the increase since cuts in police budgets have taken hold, with fewer police on our streets and more victims being let down.

"The reduction in visible policing is clearly a reason behind the rise in knife crime, both in terms of more young people carrying knives to feel safe and the work of the police being hampered.

"Even if you believe the double-digit increases in serious and violent crime might be affected by 'changes in recording processes', the increase in homicides and knife crime are deeply troubling.

“These figures also confirm that crime has not really been falling, but is increasingly moving online, with computer misuse and fraud offences now accounting for almost half the crimes victims say they have been subjected to.”

Liberal Democrat candidate for Hackney South and Shoreditch, Dave Raval said:

“This government is undermining the ability of the police to do their job and keep communities safe.

"This will only get worse as a result of Theresa May's hard Brexit agenda being backed by Corbyn’s Labour that is set to blow a £100bn hole in public finances.

“Diane Abbott’s car crash interview on policing yesterday show that Labour lack the economic credibility to talk about the very serious issue of reducing crime.

“The Lib Dems have a successful track record in reducing crime as whilst we were in Government between 2010-2015 crime fell by 10%. But we also have the economic credibility to be able to fund police forces and crime prevention properly unlike Diane Abbott and Labour who are again promising spending from a pot they have already spent 10 times over.”

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