Lib Dems say it is "absolutely unacceptable" that homeless people in Hackney are being denied appropriate end-of-life care

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson Darren Martin has commented on news that Hackney's homeless are being denied appropriate end-of-life care.

Commenting on the story in the Hackney Citizen that researchers from charities Marie Curie, Pathway, St Mungo's and NHS body Coordinate My Care found that terminally ill homeless people in Hackney are "falling through the cracks",

Darren Martin said:


"It is absolutely unacceptable that so many of the most vulnerable people are not being cared for when they most need it.


"The Liberal Democrats would introduce a ‘Housing First provider’ in each local authority that would put long-term homeless people straight into independent homes rather than emergency shelters and hostals so we can deal with their underlying problems rather than moving them around constantly."


"By increasing support for homelessness prevention and properly funding emergency accommodation, we can end rough sleeping in Hackney and across the country.


"The evidence suggests that supporting people and giving them long-term, stable places to stay is far more successful in tackling homelessness than constantly moving them to different temporary accommodation and obviously this would allow authorities to identify those who need care, be that for a terminal illness or other problems affecting their lives such as mental illness or addiction.


"It is worth saying that it is a disgrace that despite so many vulnerable people finding themselves homeless that so many council homes owned by the Labour council are lying empty.


"I will be writing to the council to ask them what measures they will be taking to address these issues and offering to work with them on our Housing First proposal."

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