Protecting Our Communities & Build More Council Homes

Protecting Our Communities and Building More Council Homes

Hackney, like most of London, is facing a housing crisis- skyrocketing rents in the private sector, and an ever-growing council waiting list.
For years, developers have been let off their responsibility to provide affordable homes and even Labour’s definition of affordable is nothing of the sort. Hackney is at risk of losing its greatest resource, the diversity of its communities and its people, because they cannot afford to stay.

A major consequence of the housing shortage is the number of Hackney residents forced to live in substandard and sometimes unsafe properties. Some of those most affected are the homeless, often living in poorly maintained hostels and temporary accommodation at high cost to the taxpayer. This cannot be allowed to continue.
In addition to our commitment to build new, decent quality homes for Hackney, we will work to ensure existing private sector homes are fit for purpose.

Helen's Lib Dems will:

  • Focus our housing strategy on building proper Council homes at real affordable rents.
  • Ensure all future regeneration plans are resident-led with real community decision-making.
  • Pressure developers to provide more affordable and key-worker homes.
  • Ensure developers publish their viability reports for public scrutiny.
  • Be much more demanding of private landlords on safety and standards inspections and ensure that these are freely available to residents.
  • Ensure regular inspections of all temporary accommodation used by the Council to ensure it is maintained to a good standard.


Helen said:

"With the cost-of-living crisis only set to get worse, we need to act fast to ensure residents can afford to live in good quality housing. Residents I speak to often roll their eyes when they hear the words 'affordable housing' as it is often anything but. We need to focus our plans on building proper Council homes at real affordable rents and be much more challenging of developers.

We also need to ensure that we approach future regeneration schemes in the right way and put residents at the heart of decision-making from the very start of the process. This will ensure we can continue to keep our communities together as we improve and build more homes for local people."


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