Hackney Lib Dems Select Pippa Morgan For Victoria Ward By-Election


The Hackney Liberal Democrats have selected Pippa Morgan to stand in the upcoming Victoria Ward by-election.

She has lived in Hackney for six years and in the Victoria area for three and half.

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‘Hackney Heroine’ Delivers Impassioned Speech as Lib Dems Pass Motion on Justice for the Windrush Generation


Civil Rights campaigner Pauline Pearce, known as the ‘Hackney Heroine’ delivered a barnstorming speech at the Liberal Democrat conference on Saturday as the party passed a motion demanding justice for the Windrush Generation.

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People of Hackney Have Their Say on the Lib Dem’s Brexitometer


The Liberal Democrats have continued their Exit from Brexit campaign, taking their ‘Brexitometer’ to the people of Hackney.
The Hackney Lib Dems have been out across Hackney including Stoke Newington Farmers Market, Broadway Market, Chatsworth Road and Victoria Park and the response from residents has been very clear, they want a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal with the option to remain in the EU.
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Lib Dems Say Progressive Opposition in Hackney More Important Than Ever

Hackney Liberal Democrats Vice Chair Darren Martin has said that the Lib Dems will continue their fight to hold Labour to account in the borough, vowing to hold the newly elected Labour councillors in Cazenove’ “feet to the fire” on their promises made during the campaign.

Following the local election results that leave the Conservatives the only opposition to Labour he added the party will be “reaching out to progressive parties and campaigners” to help residents hold the council to account and campaign on key issues such as Brexit and a fairer voting system.


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4000 Hackney children to miss out on free school meals under the Government’s plan to change eligibility.

The Hackney Liberal Democrats are calling for Diane Abbott and Meg Hillier MPs to strongly oppose plans to change eligibility for free school meals under Universal Credit reforms.
The Government wants to introduce a new earnings limit from 1 April 2018, so that any family on Universal Credit earning more than £7,400 a year won’t be eligible for free school meals.

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Lib Dem council group to propose plans to fund a Violence Reduction Unit in Hackney to tackle the rising tide of violent crime in the borough.

The Hackney Liberal Democrats will tonight set out £1.5m plans to fund additonal community policing and a Violence Reduction Unit in Hackney based on the successful initiative that has drastically reduced knife crime and violence in Scotland in amendments to the proposed council budget set to be voted on at full council.
The amendments proposed to the 2018/19 budget will ask for an additional £713k for 10 additional police officers serving the borough (1 sergeant and 9 PCs) and £752k for youth workers across Hackney.
The additional policing and youth services capacity will be used to set up and fund the Violence Reduction Unit which takes a public health approach to violence with innovative schemes to identify and help vulnerable people alongside targeted policing based on intelligence to identify and disrupt groups and gangs engaging in violent activity.


Cllrs Abraham Jacobson(left)Dawwood Akhoon(Centre)

Ian Sharer (Right)

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Hackney resident who received false Brexit promise from Diane Abbott inspired to stand for Lib Dems in upcoming local elections.

Hackney resident Les Kelly who received a letter from Diane Abbott saying she would argue for the people to have the final say on the Brexit deal, before backtracking and calling the letter “poorly worded”, is standing as a council candidate for the Lib Dems in May’s local elections.

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Lib Dems call on Hackney Council to scrap bulky waste charge saying it will lead to a surge in illegal dumping

Lib Dems have responded to resident's warnings that new Council charges for bulky waste will cause fly-tipping to skyrocket across Hackney.
Since September, disposing of unwanted furniture or other large items costs a minimum of £15, with some collections charged as much as £60.
National figures for last year revealed that there has been a fly-tipping epidemic across the UK as local authorities implement similar bulky waste charges, with recorded incidents reaching 1m for the first time since 2008.


Darren Martin/Becket McGrath say scrap the charge.


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Hackney Council adopt Lib Dem house building policy but Labour's version does not go far enough


Hackney Council has agreed to set up a private housing company to get around government restrictions and provide homes for London Living Rent in a policy that bears a striking resemblance to Liberal Democrat proposals from 2014.

Hackney Lib Dem Vice Chair Simon de Denney has welcomed the new policy but says Labour's version needs to go much further.

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Lib Dems launch plans to take a public health approach to tackling violence in Hackney

The Hackney Liberal Democrats have unveiled their key crime & policing policy for the upcoming local elections in May, announcing plans to create a Violence Reduction Unit in Hackney based on a similar program that has had a dramatic impact in Glasgow and has since been rolled out across Scotland


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