No Place for Anti-Semitism in Hackney, says Simon


Lib Dem campaigner, Simon de Deney has lodged a formal police complaint over plans by far-right activists to stage a protest against the "jewification" of Stamford Hill. "This is a clear attack on Jewish residents of Hackney and our community as a whole," says Simon

The demonstration, labelled "Liberate Stamford Hill" had been announced by a known white supremacist and self-declared "rising star of the right-wing community" - who we are not going to name and give publicity to - and claims to be in response to an "anti white" threat in the area.

"This is simply a twisted fantasy dreamt up by fascist activists. It bears to resemblance to the Stamford Hill that residents know from their everyday lives," says Simon.

"In fact, Stamford Hill and Hackney at large is a diverse area that functions well and where we have really good community relations and Jewish residents are an integral part of that. We certainly don't need "liberating" by far-right thugs who just want to spread discord and hatred."

Some groups have proposed counter-demonstrations on March 22nd, but local police and many in the local community have urged caution.

Hackney Liberal Democrats has three elected councillors in the Stamford Hill area. Ian Sharer, Dawood Akhoon and Abraham Jacobson all represent the Cazenove ward.

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