Ordinary Executive Member

Teresa ClarkDuties:

support the officers by taking on various responsibilities as needed and helping with the general running of the local party.






Teresa Clark

Ordinary Executive Member.

The officers are joined and assisted by two non-portfolio members of the Exec who support them on various projects throughout the year - and just because the title is "ordinary," doesn't mean the people are!

Often, this is how new people get involved for the first time, learn the ropes and share their skills.

Teresa Clark is an IT professional who joined the Executive at the end of 2018. She provides support on campaigning and working with data.

Twitter: @HackneyTClark

More about the role:

The Ordinary Members' terms run from 1st January to 31st December and elections take place at the local party AGM, usually held in October or November.

Under the local party rules, an Ordinary Member who serves for two years in a row must step down or take a different role and cannot be an Ordinary Member again for at least two years.

Only two Ordinary Members are elected at the AGM, however, the Exec has the right to co-opt up to two more if they decide they need additional support or to increase diversity within the Exec.