Pauline Pearce AKA "The Hackney Heroine" meets the Met to discuss the use of body cameras

IMG_0458.JPGHackney Liberal Democrat Spokeswoman, Pauline Pearce, met with the Hackney Police Borough Commander Louis Smith and Superintendent Ben Clark this week at Stoke Newington Police station, to discuss the use of body cameras.

The meeting was set up and attended by Caroline Pidgeon, London Assembly member for the Liberal Democrats.
This follows on from a meeting earlier on in the month with Senior Met officers, also attended by both Pauline and Caroline, to discuss arrest protocols following the tragic death of Rashan Charles in Hackney.
Body camera footage will play an integral role in the investigation into the death of Rashan Charles following Police contact.
Following the meeting, Pauline Pearce said:
"I'd like to thank Hackney Commander Louis Smith and Superintendent Ben Clark who talked us through the procedures, protocol and costing of police body cameras, it was very interesting and they are a well designed, clever piece of equipment and are perfectly tamper proof.
"We were not able to watch the Rashan Charles footage due to the ongoing investigation, but it was interesting to see how this piece of sophisticated equipment will play its part in producing crucial evidence into the tragic death of young Rash."
Caroline Pidgeon said:
"We talked today about police body worn cameras, in particular how they can safeguard the footage to make sure the public are protected and also how the police can be protected too whilst they are going about doing their job."


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