A Safer Hackney For Everyone

A Safer Hackney For Everyone

The murders of Sarah Everard, Deniz Jaffer and Jamie Lewis have put into sharp focus how much needs to be done to ensure women & girls are safe.

The Met police's handling of those cases and the horrific Child Q case in Hackney has again shown how sexism, racism and discrimination are still very much present across the school system, in policing, and in local authorities & Government. We need to use the powers of the Council and lead the charge in Hackney for real change. We also know that women are far more likely to be murdered or suffer abuse by someone they know in a domestic setting, so we need to make specialist support easily accessible to those that need it.

The wider issue of the prevalence of violence as a whole in our borough continues to be a real issue with knife crime leading to tragic loss of life. We need to treat violence as an epidemic and take a public health-based approach to tackling the problem with particular focus on early years and supporting schools.

Helen's Lib Dems will-

  • Take the lead in bringing the police, Council, and schools together so nothing like the Child Q case can happen again.
  • Take the lead on an outreach programme bringing the Council, police and the community together with real power to make the changes needed.
  • Complete a full overhaul of the Council's Voluntary and Community Sector strategy making it easier for more charities to set up support and safe spaces for women & girls.
  • Invest in the 'Glasgow Violence Reduction approach' treating violence as a public health issue with particular focus on youth support, early years and supporting schools to educate young people.


Helen said:

"The horrific ordeal of Child Q in Hackney is yet another example of how the institutions that people should be able to trust are failing due to institutional Racism, Sexism and discrimination. It's not acceptable and as Mayor I would make it an absolute priority to do all I can to tackle these issues. We called for the Borough Commander to resign following the Child Q incident and we absolutely agree that the leadership of the school should also resign. But when these issues are systemic and institutional, what comes next is the real challenge.

As Mayor I would take the lead on an outreach programme bringing the Council, police, and the community together where people in positions to make a change in their organisations are held to account and we start taking real action.

We need to do much more in Hackney to make women & girls feel safe and I would invest heavily in Voluntary & Community Sector organisations that can provide real specialist support and safe spaces for women in need. The Liberal Democrats fought hard to stop Hackney Council from evicting domestic violence charity Sistah Space, as they are exactly the kind of organisation that needs to be supported.

But we need to do much more to tackle violence as a whole in our communities and the Hackney Liberal Democrats have long campaigned to treat violence as a public health issue and really focus on a joined-up preventative strategy. As Mayor I would focus this specifically in schools and early years to help educate young people."


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