Save Sistah Space

Last week we stood in solidarity with the Hackney community at a demo outside Hackney Town Hall to demand that domestic violence charity Sistah Space get to stay in their current location, where they are better able to help those in need, rather than be moved back to their old site that they say is unsuitable.

Sistah Space is a charity dedicated to supporting African & Caribbean heritage women and girls affected by domestic and sexual abuse who often feel unable to report abuse for many reasons and therefore require specialised support. 

Hackney Council are asking the charity to return to their former shopfront location following a refurbishment which is unsafe and unsuitable especially given the increase in demand for services since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday we signed and released a joint open letter to Hackney Council with the Hackney Green Party and the Hackney Women's Equality Party demanding that Sistah Space get to stay in their current location until at least March 31st 2021 allowing them to operate in safety during the current Covid-19 pandemic. We have also asked for clarity on why Sistah Space are being asked to move back at all, and that Hackney Council should rethink their decision and allow them to continue operating in their current location.

Sistah Space are currently raising funds so they can continue their vital work.

Please donate HERE

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