Simon: Build Homes to Avoid a "Hollow Hackney"

Hackney North candidate, Simon de Deney is keeping up the pressure on Labour to build 12,000 new homes for social-rent in the borough to counteract the "hollowing out" of Hackney.

"If we don't urgently address the shortage of decent, affordable homes in Hackney then we are in for a big shock very soon," says Simon, who campaigned on a theme of housing during the 2014 Hackney mayoral election too.

"As the cost of buying or renting privately continues to spiral and the waiting list for council accommodation gets longer and longer, Hackney is becoming hollow as the ordinary working people who make up the heart of the borough can no longer afford to live here. This will be catastrophic for Hackney."


Hackney Liberal Democrats are campaigning to build 12,000 social-rented homes in Hackney by 2025. Funding could be secured through government schemes, lending against existing council properties or by inviting long-term investors like pension funds to join the scheme. "Social housing will always be needed and will always provide income for an investor who is willing to buy in for the long term," says Simon de Deney. "We know there are a number of large firms who would jump at the chance to be involved in a project like this - it just needs political leadership and vision."

You can show support for Simon and the Lib Dems' campaign for 12,000 new social-rented homes at THIS PAGE where you can also help promote the campaign by sharing on social media.

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