Supporting Families & Those Most in Need

Supporting Families & Those Most in Need-

The cost-of-living crisis is already hitting people hard in Hackney. Although there is much more that needs to be done by national Government, it is important that we take every opportunity at local level to support families and those most in need.

Helen's Lib Dems will:

  • Guarantee that Fernbank and Hillside children's centres stay open.
  • Protect all subsidised childcare places in Hackney and look to grow the provision available to parents who need it.
  • Ensure the poorest residents in Hackney are taken out of Council Tax altogether.
  • Campaign for the Government to cut VAT putting £600 back in the pockets of the average Hackney family.


Helen said:

"Childcare is a huge cost to families and it is heart-breaking to hear about parents skipping meals or forgoing heating in order to meet the costs. It is absolutely crazy that Hackney Council has been attempting to close down children's centres in the borough, and that is why the Hackney Liberal Democrats supported the parent-led campaign to save Fernbank and Hillside nurseries which are still under threat of closure. As Mayor I would guarantee that Fernbank & Hillside children's centres remain open and that there are no cuts to subsidised childcare places and look to increase the provision in Hackney."

"As Mayor of Hackney I would also be doing all I can to pressure the Tory government to do much more to support people in Hackney. I will be campaigning for the Government to adopt the Liberal Democrat plan to cut VAT, the sales tax which is added to many things we buy, from 20% to 17.5%. funded by a tax on the profits of fuel companies. This would mean £600 to the average family which is a significant help for people hit hard by the increasing cost of living."


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