Leadership Hustings in Islington

(Disclaimer: The author is a team member with Ed Davey for this leadership campaign) 

Our current leader, Vince Cable, has decided to step down imminently after the European elections and the race of becoming the next leader of Liberal Democrats has officially begun! We are blessed with two excellent candidates: Ed Davey, former energy minister and Jo Swinson, current deputy leader.

One of the pleasures of being a Liberal Democrat is the civilised debates- from members about policy amongst AOs (note: an "associated organisation", or an AO, is a pressure group that share a particular belief, interest, or cause) such as ones between Liberal Reform and Social Liberal Forum, or campaign strategy - to selecting who is the next leader - that take place between the #LibDemFamily. Despite fierce competition, we maintain a principle as Liberals: fierce in debate, civilised in attitude, friendly as we all head to the pub together afterwards.


The room was jam packed! (Photo credit: Mark Pack)

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Polling Day madness with Team Hackney

Every polling day is bound to be a manic one, but also rewarding especially as the candidates elected in these Euro elections could determine the fate of our beloved country for generations to come as the topic of Brexit looms in the political sphere. Campaigners call this "Get Out The Vote" (or in short GOTV) operation, in which we "knock up" and remind voters who are friendly to us to get out and vote all day until the polls close at 10 pm!

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More media attention in Cazenove

The last evening canvass before polling stations open in the morning and we find ourselves campaigning with another of our MEP candidates, Jonathan Fryer, who also had a camera crew in tow filming for French TV channel, Canal+.


As now seems usual, we met loads of Labour switchers on the doorstep and most of them are now voting Lib Dem!

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Irina gets a great reception in N16


Top London Euro candidate, Irina von Wiese was in Stoke Newington ward with us tonight knocking on doors and meeting voters - and the response was simply extraordinary.

We were also joined by Bettina Schulz, a journalist from German broadsheet Die Zeit, who was covering Irina's campaign for the paper.

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What a Weekend! Wow!

It was the final weekend before the European elections and we did a little bit of everything - leafleting, door-knocking, there was a street stall with the old Brexitometer - and again and again signs that we are headed for something big this Thursday!


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