Deliveries and historical walk in one.

Deliveries recently in Clerkenwell were met with thank you and best wishes!


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The Triumphant Return of the Brexitometer!

I'm usually a bit sceptical of opinion polls when they show big jumps, so when ComRes came out this weekend putting the Lib Dems in second place in London on 22% I took it with a pinch of salt - but I've just had a really extraordinary afternoon in Stoke Newington with our famous Brexitometer!

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International campaigning in Hackney!

I had a visitor from the French socialist party this weekend. This didn't stop us from delivering leaflets to the properties around Broadway market and our wider team knocking on doors in Victoria ward with some of our Euro list candidates :)

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Giving Chelmsford A Hand In Local Elections









Team Hackney went on a road trip this Saturday to Chelmsford! 

Outside of London, teams have been working around the clock to ensure we do well in the local elections. Local parties across North East London therefore all teamed up and decided to give Chelmsford a hand, as they are hopeful to take control of the council on May 2nd. Lib Dem family often help each other out at the time of need - and this time it's no exception given the enthusiastic response.

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Euro campaigning in London Fields

Euro campaigning London Fields

With the European Parliament elections approaching on 23rd May we have refocused our campaigning in Hackney.  As part of the campaigning, Hackney over the coming weeks will see letter and leaflet deliveries. 

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