The Policy Engagement Officer


"to organise regular events and opportunities for members to engage with the process of developing and debating Party policy"

- the Hackney Liberal Democrats' constitution




Alton Hassan, Policy Engagement Officer

Helping our members decide the direction of the party.

The Lib Dems are the only major party whose members make party policy. That applies locally as well as nationally, so we have a calendar of sessions and events throughout the year giving our members the chance to join in the policy-making process and debate ideas.

These are run by Alton Hassan, the Policy Engagement Officer.

Alton has been a resident of Hackney for the past 10 years and joined the Liberal Democrats after the disastrous EU referendum. Alton never thought he would be involved with Politics, but unfolding events have driven him to action to make sure that the remain views of the Borough have a voice.

As well as national issues, Alton’s main driver locally is a belief that the everyday lives and experiences of Hackney residents can inform and contribute to change at the national level. Hackney faces an opportunity deficit in a borough where that opportunity is plain to see but not benefiting everyone, often the people that are born and raised locally. There are also challenges faced by the small independent businesses that make up Hackney’s thriving communities and the policy engagement is a way of listening and forming Liberal Democrat policy.  

Alton’s last bit of advice is that if you feel daunted by the prospect of getting involved or don’t know how, just turn up to a Pub meet where you will get a friendly greeting, someone might even buy you a drink!

More about the role:

The Policy Engagement Officer's term runs from 1st January to 31st December and elections take place at the local party AGM, usually held in October or November. Any local party officer can be appointed to stand in for the Chair if he/she is unavailable and, as such, all officers are also Vice Chairs.