The Secretary


"to handle the Local Party’s correspondence;

"to maintain minutes of meetings;

"notify any change of Officers to the Regional Party and to the Chief Executive of the Federal Party"

- the Hackney Liberal Democrats' constitution

The Secretary also calls and puts together the agenda for Executive meetings and all-member meetings like the AGM.

Juliette Bigley, Secretary

Responsible for keeping the Exec running smoothly.

Our Secretary books meetings, draws up the agenda, takes minutes and makes sure the rest of the Committee are in the right place at roughly the right time.

We are currently kept in order by the 2019 Secretary, Juliette Bigley. Juliette is a professional artist working in metals, an almost fanatical swimmer, and lives in Stoke Newington.

More about the role:

The Secretary's term runs from 1st January to 31st December and elections take place at the local party AGM, usually held in October or November. Any local party officer can be appointed to stand in for the Chair if he/she is unavailable and, as such, all officers are also Vice Chairs.