Vince Cable marks Black History Month with a visit to Hackney and calls for a more inclusive and diverse school curriculum to tackle prejudice and discrimination.

Vince Cable with Pauline Pearce


The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Vince Cable, marked Black History Month with a visit to Hackney.
Speaking at the Hackney Lib Dem activist event in Dalston he called for more black historical figures to be taught in schools as part of a more inclusive and diverse school curriculum.

Vince speaks to Hackney activists

Vince Cable said:

“Black historical figures have given us so many inspiring stories, reminding us of the tireless efforts of those who have fought for equality in the face of adversity, hate and indeed danger. They did so selflessly, so that future generations would enjoy the freedoms and opportunities they were denied.

“Undoubtedly, though, there is still so much more to be done. Levels of hate, prejudice and discrimination remain worrying and by some measures are on the increase. It is our duty to tackle this head on.”


The Lib Dem leader also used his visit to motivate Hackney local party activists for the 2018 local elections, saying that:


"In places like Hackney you effectively have a one party monopoly, which is just not good for the people that live in the area.


"The Hackney Lib Dems have grown in numbers and are in a strong position to campaign and challenge for council seats in 2018, allowing the people living in the borough to see liberal politics in action. Things like community led policy, transparency with information and a defence of the wonderfully diverse and tolerant place Hackney is."


The event was held at Tuck Inn, 13 Bradbury Street, Dalston. A homely cafe with a friendly Caribbean Vibe and fantastic food.





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