Stoke Newington


Victor de Almeida

candidate for the Stoke Newington by-election

May 5th 2016

Victor is a writer and film-maker who has lived just off Shacklewell Green for the past nine years. He was born in Spain, but moved to London as a child.

"I really love Stoke Newington's rich and diverse atmosphere," says Victor. "It's really important that as our area changes and develops, we hold onto what makes Stokey special - the diversity; the independent businesses, shops and restaurants, and we work to improve our local environment rather than allow it to be damaged."


Victor is especially concerned that not enough young people and people from diverse backgrounds are involved in politics locally. "We need to have people engaged with politics from all parts of the community. There is a real lack of representation, especially for people from ethnic minorities."

Announcing his candidacy, "Hackney Heroine," Pauline Pearce - who is also a candidate for the London Assembly - declared herself "thrilled to bits and really impressed to be able to endorse such a fantastic young candidate."

"People in Stoke Newington need a local champion at the Town Hall who can give Labour a kick up the backside and represent ordinary people who are being left behind," added Pauline. 

Victor's Top 5 Priorities for Stoke Newington

1. Housing

Lib Dem mayoral candidate, Caroline Pidgeon says we need an "Olympic effort" to build new council houses, affordable homes for sale and rent and provide much-needed relief from sky-high housing costs, and I'm backing her plan 100%.

Hackney Council talks a good game on housing, but we are not doing anything like enough to help make housing more affordable either to rent or buy.

2. Abney Park

I love Abney Park - in fact I recently completed a film shoot there. The threat to the park was one reason why Hackney Lib Dems campaigned so hard to defeat the plans for a supermarket at Wilmer Place.

After over 20 years being run by the local community, Hackney Council recently took over direct management of Abney Park. I will work hard to ensure local people continue to be listened to on issues surrounding the park and hold Labour to account for decisions they make on your behalf.

 key_victor_high_street.JPG3. A Diverse Local Economy

We've all seen high streets across London becoming more and more similar - and the number of estate agents on Church Street seems to increase every month.

I want to see a serious plan from Hackney Council - who are a major landlord as well as the local authority - on how they are going to manage the area to ensure we keep a diverse variety of shops and businesses, we remain a vibrant and multicultural community and we keep Stoke Newington unique.

4. Crossrail 2

If Stoke Newington were anywhere else in England, it would count as a decent-sized town - yet we still have no direct rail connection to the West End. The proposed Crossrail 2 route would pass directly underneath N16 on its way from Dalston to Seven Sisters, but would not stop.

I believe this is a terrible wasted opportunity to take traffic off the roads, improve connections to and from Stoke Newington and boost our local economy - that's why I and Hackney Liberal Democrats are backing a Crossrail 2 station in Stoke Newington.

5. Stronger IN Europe

Being part of the EU is good for Britain, good for London and good for people in Stoke Newington. We all benefit from easier travel, cheaper prices and the ability to buy and sell across borders.

As a councillor and local representative, I would aim to be a community leader on issues that are important to our community - and there are few things more important than making sure Stoke Newington votes to REMAIN on June 23rd.

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